OC Career Cafe – Get a Pathway

Workshop: Find Your Career Path

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(This is the second workshop in the OC Career Cafe series. The first workshop focused on the Get Started section of the Café and introduced students to resources and services to help them assess their strengths, interests and skills to identify possible career pathways that might be right for them. This second workshop introduces students to the Career Cafe Pathway Guide and shows them how to use it to explore careers within those pathways.)

  • Welcome students to the Find Your Career Path workshop and introduce yourself and your role at the college.
  • Explain that in the first workshop, Where Will You Be 5 Years from Today?” students had an opportunity to assess their skills, interests, and passions.
    If they did not attend that workshop, they will want to do the Get Started section on the Career Cafe to begin their career quest.
  • Clarify that this workshop will give them resources to explore those pathways of interest and learn more about specific jobs that might suit them.


(Here  it is critical to engage students and help them understand how important it is to get the education and training they need to qualify for good jobs.)

  • View and discuss President Obama’s Video, above, on the importance of Postsecondary Education.
  • Ask students: Why is the President calling on today’s students to get at least 1 year of college?
  • Ask students: Do you know what kind of education and training you need for your dream job?


(The PowerPoint will help you show students how to use the Pathway Guide to gather, record and reflect on information about careers that interest them.)

  • Distribute the Pathway Guide to students to use as you proceed through this PowerPoint presentation. (View notes for added information on each slide.)
  • Go through each slide on the PowerPoint to explain the Pathway Guide.
  • Give students a Career Action Plan (CAP) page and ask students to circle the Career Pathways they want to research on their own.
  • Have students share their Pathway interests with a partner.


(Before you wrap up the workshop have students identify their next steps and provide them with the support services contacts they need to move forward.)

  • Remind students the additional sections on the CACareerCafe.Com can help them on their career quest.
  • Direct students to the “Next Step” your Career Center wants them to take…

Brook Oliver, Coordinator of Career Connections and Internships, and her Sierra College team are focused on helping students succeed. Their mission is to identify and connect with every “undecided” Sierra College student. Students are invited to attend an innovative workshop, Looking for Direction?, offered throughout the semester at convenient times and locations. Sierra College counselors also provide students with a Career Planning Checklist to help them identify careers that interest them.