OC Career Cafe – Get Experience

Workshop: Make Career Connections

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Optional PowerPoint

(This is the fourth workshop in the OC Career Cafe series. The first workshop focused on the Get Started section of the Café and introduced students to resources and services to help them identify careers that suited them. The second workshop Get a Pathway showed students how to explore careers using the Pathway Guide. The third workshop, Get Help, encouraged students to overcome the obstacles to success. This workshop, Get Experience, introduces and motivates students to take advantage of real-world experiences to learn more about careers that interest them.)

  • Welcome students to the Make Career Connections workshop.
  •  Introduce yourself and share your role at the college.
  • Explain that this workshop will show them how a visit to the OC Career Cafe site will help them explore and create career experiences.


(Here  it is important find out more about the attendees and what kind of experiences they need and want.) 

  • Post quote: You’ll learn more from a journey of 10,000 miles than from reading 10,000 books… Salman Khan
    Ask students why they agree or disagree with this quote.
  • View video about one way students are creating exciting experiences to learn more about career paths.
  • Ask some questions to learn more about your attendees.
    What kind of career experiences have you had? What kind of career experiences do you want to have? How can you get them?


(Use the PowerPoint or direct links to show students how to use the site.)

  • A visit to  the OC Career Cafe will give students lots of career information. (Roll over and read  the info on each of the “Gets”)
  • Get Experience focuses on six different career experiences.
  • Use the Informational Interview Student Lesson as an example and click on and explain each link.
  • Distribute the Student Activity and have students complete their introductory scripts. (Have them do the recording on their own time.)
  • Distribute the CAP Page and have students circle the “Get Experience” lessons they will try on their own.


(Get students to commit to a next step they can take to get a great career experience.)

  • Return to Get Experience Landing Page and then to CACareerCafe Home Page as you review what they learned in the workshop.
  • Give them information about the next steps your college career center wants them to take.
  • Address their personal concerns and get a commitment as to an action they will take once they leave this workshop.

This Big Idea salutes the 10 California Career Centers hosting this spring’s RoadTrip Nation Career Workshops. Focused on helping students make career connections via professional associations, Roadtrip Nation’s big green van has traveled from Oroville to San Marcos and points between to take  faculty, counselors and students on an exciting vicarious adventure. Filled with inspiring stories and real-world experiences the RoadTrip Nation crew shows students how to make career connections that will  help them find their road in life. Thanks to the efforts of the Career Advisory Committee and scores of college career centers, these popular and engaging workshops demonstrate meaningful ways to explore careers.

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