OC Career Cafe: Get Help

Workshop: Seven Strategies for College Success

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Optional PowerPoint

(This is the third workshop in the OC Career Cafe series. The first workshop focused on the Get Started section of the Café and introduced students to resources and services to help them identify careers that suited them. The second workshop Get a Pathway showed students how to explore careers using the Pathway Guide. This, the third workshop, Get Help, encourages students to use success strategies to overcome some of the common obstacles that get in the way of college students.)

  • Welcome students to the Seven Strategies for Success Workshop.
  •  Introduce yourself and share your role at the college.
  • Explain that this workshop will show them how they can use the OC Career Cafe site to find greater success.


(Here  it is critical to engage students and help them understand that one of the greatest the secrets to success is finding and accepting help from others.)

  • Display quote for discussion: If I have seen further it is only by standing on the shoulders of giants. Sir Issac Newton
  • Ask some questions: Why do college students need help? What kind of help is available to students? Why is asking for help a sign of strength?
  • View  video of 60 Minutes reporter Byron Pitts as he tells about someone who helped him succeed in college.  


(Use the PowerPoint or direct links to show students what they will find on the site.)

  • A visit to the OC Career Cafe will give students lots of career help with information and resources. (Roll over and read  the info on each of the “Gets”)
  • On the Get Help landing page there are seven lessons to help students build success skills. (Call out each one.)
  • Use Campus Support Services lesson as an example. (Instead of the video show your college’s student services on a map or Internet links.)
  • Distribute the Student Activity and discuss support services on your campus. Encourage student to fill in the information they need.
  • Distribute the CAP Page and have students circle the “Get Help” lessons they will try on their own.


(Before you wrap up the workshop have students identify their next steps and provide them with the support services contacts they need to move forward.)

  • Return to Get Help landing page and then to CACareerCafe Home Page as you review what they learned in the workshop.
  • Give them information about the next steps your college career center wants them to take.

Providing students information about campus support services is critical. These two California Community Colleges do a stellar job of getting information to their students.  Fullerton College has a student support services list their students can access via the Internet. While Modesto Junior College let’s students do the talking in their student support services video posted on their site and on You Tube.