OC Career Cafe- Get Hired

Workshop: Put Your Education to Work

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Optional PowerPoint

(This is the fifth workshop in the OC Career Cafe series. The first workshop focused on the Get Started section of the Café and introduced students to resources and services to help them identify careers that suited them. The second workshop Get a Pathway showed students how to explore careers using the Pathway Guide. The third workshop, Get Help, encouraged students to overcome the obstacles to success. The fourth workshop, Get Experience, introduced and motivated students to take advantage of real-world experiences to learn more about careers that interest them. And this final workshop, Get Hired, helps students take the right steps to land the job they want.)

  • Welcome students to the Put Your Education to Work workshop.
  •  Introduce yourself and share your role at the college and what you can do to support them in finding a good job.
  • Explain that this workshop will show them how a visit to the OC Career Cafe site will help them take the right steps to land the job they seek.


  • Show the OC Career Cafe and roll over and read the info on each of the “Gets”.
  • Explain that today you are going to focus on the  Get Hired section. (Describe the 8 student lesson lessons listed.)
  • Suggest that since networking is one of the most important job-seeking skills this is the lesson you will review.
  • Post and discuss this quote: According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics, 70 percent of all jobs are found through networking.

How would you define networking?
How could networking help you find a good job?
What holds people back from networking?


  • Use the Network Like a Pro student lesson to show them the valuable information in a student lesson.
  • View the 3-minute Networking video to explain more about the what, why and how of networking.
  • Distribute the Student Activity, review the directions and give students time to complete the activity and practice their introductions.
  • Share the Career Action Plan (CAP Page) and have students circle or highlight additional lessons they would like to try when they return to the café.


  • Return to Get Hired landing page and then to OC Career Cafe home page as you review what they learned in the workshop.
  • Give them information about the next steps your college career center wants them to take.
  • Address their personal concerns and get a commitment as to an action they will take once they leave this workshop.

Mount San Jacinto College’s Career Center offers their students a variety of job search workshops to help them find good jobs. They use engaging Power Points like this one to quickly and effectively get students the current information and resources they need to build their networks. In addition, their career center is prepared to help students develop their workplace networks with employer and alumni connections.