Professional Connections

A Presentation Guide for Career Professionals


Welcome to the California Community Colleges California Career Café. This virtual career center has lots of resources to help you find your best career path. If we take a look at the site you can see what’s on the menu. (Roll over each section and read the descriptors.) While you can see the information and resources on the site are engaging, the uniqueness of this site is the connections it will help you make to Professional Associations. Professional Associations are one of the best kept career resource secrets. Professional Associations can help you find internships, mentors, jobs, scholarships and “inside” information about careers that interest you. Let’s watch this 1-minute video-clip, The Power of A, and see what we can learn about Professional Associations.


What is a Professional Association? (This link gives additional info.)
  • Ask several students to identify their career pathways. Write these on the board.
  • Now we have a list of all the careers people in this room are interested in.
  • If we go back to the Connect to an Association lesson, and look under next steps, there is a link to a Professional Association database.
  • Here we can link to professional associations by Pathway. (Use the list of careers you wrote down and link to different associations.)
  • There are many links to Associations, and the list is growing, each link provides great contact information.


If we return to the Connect to an Association lesson and look under next steps, you’ll see 4 activities to print. Each of these activities gives you things you can do to prepare yourself to connect with a Professional Association. I have printed the first one for you so let’s work together to fill in the information. (Distribute the Student Activity. Have students read instructions and then work with a partner to fill in the worksheet.) Let’s review your responses:
  1. Research…Where would you find that information? (In the PA database)
  2. Review…What talents or skills do you have to offer a PA? What would you want from a PA?
  3. Reach Out… How do you want to connect? What did you write?
(Have students prepare their introductions & share them with several other people.)


Today you visited the new site. Let’s take another look at the home page. Quickly review the 5 sections: To find your career direction…Get Started To learn about growing industries and best career choices…Get a Pathway To practice and build workplace skills…Get Experience To identify campus resources to get the support you need to succeed…Get Help To prepare for an effective job search…Get Hired We hope you will visit often because at the Career Café…students meet success!