Career Changers

A Surprising Statistic…


Maybe you have been dreaming about a career change but don’t know where to start. Perhaps you’re getting increasingly bored at work or realizing that opportunities for growth are limited. Or, like many in this economy, you may be unemployed or facing unemployment. Regardless of your reasons, the right career is out there for you and we want to help you find it. To get started, let’s get acquainted.
  • Briefly introduce yourself, what you do, and why you are particularly qualified to help these career changers.
  • Give students a couple of minutes to meet and interview the person sitting next to him/her and discuss why he/she is attending this workshop.
  • Have students then introduce the person he/she just met and what he/she wants from this workshop.


As career changers you have work experience and an understanding of the realities of the workplace. You also have relevant skills that helped you succeed on your past jobs. Whether you realize it or not, you have a great deal to offer employers. At the same time, you know that to succeed in today’s workplace you have to improve and learn new skills. You have to look ahead and be ready for the future. Ask some questions to find out what participants know about career change.
  • What motivated you to make a career change?
  • What kind of work do you think you are suited to do?
  • What are the advantages/disadvantages of going back to school?


If you listen to the news and read the headlines, you might think there are few opportunities for job seekers. But the reality is that there are good jobs in growing industries with promising futures. In a new book, Closing America’s Job Gap, author Mary Walshok identifies some of the best job opportunities.
  • Let’s watch and listen to what she has to say (about 5 minutes).
  • Distribute Student Activity, review the directions, and give them time to complete the exercise.
  • Discuss the responses and questions students have about their career path.
  • Write down the job growth areas and list the programs your college offers in these growth industries.
  • List employers in your area who are adding employees and what skills they seek.


Besides our on-campus programs, counseling services, and job placement office, you can check out the new California Career Café.
  • Show students the OC Career Cafe site.
  • Review the sections that speak to the interests of workshop participants.
  • Choose the most relevant lesson for your group from the Get Experience or Get Hired menu and show them the different elements in the lesson…
Before you leave today, I would love to hear your next steps. If you would share those with us, I will give you additional information or contacts to help you quickly move forward on your journey. (Distribute your business cards or appropriate contact information to all participants… getting them to take the next step is the goal of this workshop.)