EOPS Students

A Presentation Guide for Career Professionals


Welcome to this workshop designed especially for EOPS students. EOPS is a service provided by the CCC to encourage the enrollment and retention of CCC students. EOPS assists students in successfully completing a career certificate, an AA/AS degree, or in transferring to a four-year college or university. We are delighted you are here today and want to tell you more about EOPS and answer your questions and concerns.
  • Introduce yourself, what you do, and your role in serving EOPS students.
  • Have students introduce themselves to another student and share one of their educational goals.
  • Come back together and list their goals on the board.
All of you have different educational goals. I think we can agree that to reach our goals, we all need help. In fact, success is a team effort.


Let’s watch and listen to what this EOPS student from Cerritos Community College has to say. Ayodele had some excellent suggestions for EOPS students. Let’s review what she recommends. (Review her suggestions one at a time and ask appropriate questions.)
  1. Set high goals for yourself and find people who can support you. What is one of your goals and who is helping you reach it?
  2. Meet regularly with professors and peers. How do study groups help you?
  3. Join a club in your major or interest. What campus clubs interest you?
  4. Take a leadership role on campus. How would taking a leadership role on campus help you?
  5. Talk with a counselor about your career goals and how you plan to reach them.
Why is this important to do?


You can see that all five of the suggestions are related to connecting with other people to get the help you need to succeed. All of you have different needs but gathering the right people to help will be invaluable. You might think of your advisors as your board of directors-–the people you can go to for advice and direction in college and on your career path.
  • Distribute Student Activity, review the directions and give students to build their boards.
  • When finished, ask students to describe one of the on their board members and why they chose him/her.
  • What’s the next step you will take to build your board?


Everyone gets discouraged and feels overwhelmed at times. At CACareerCafé.Com in the Get Help section, you will find ideas and resources to help you overcome some of the obstacles that get in your way. (Show the Get Help video and discuss the other lessons in this section.) Before you leave today, I would love to hear your next steps…(Finally, distribute EOPS information, calendar and contacts appropriate to this group.)