Your career success in the workplace of today - independent of technical expertise - depends on the quality of your people skills.
- Max Messmer

Career Changers

Did you know?

Your classroom population is likely to include career changers  looking to improve their skills or learn new skills to find better employment opportunities. Career changers have work experience, understand the realities of the workplace and relevant skills. While many college students have the luxury of time, this population wants to focus and move ahead with their plans a.s.a.p. The CACareerCafe  now offers some Specials with resources to address the needs and wants of this student population.  While career changers will find many cafe lessons to suit them, Polish Your People Skills will benefit both new and experienced job seekers.

Brief them…

Want More?

Backpack to Briefcase is a new California Community College booklet filled with collaborative soft skill activities. Go to free resources to download a lesson or two to try!