Social entrepreneurs identify resources where others only see problems.
- David Bornstein


Did you know?

Entrepreneurs are the key to jumpstarting job creation and the U.S. economy. While there is no shortage of great ideas and innovations, there is a need for highly motivated entrepreneurs who can turn those ideas into great businesses and create millions of new jobs. Whether CCC students plan on opening their own businesses or working as employees, they need to understand the what and why’s of entrepreneurship.  This Get Social lesson will give students a taste of what they will find on entrepreneurship at the CACareerCafe.

Brief them…

  • Ask students: What is an entrepreneur?
  • Explore the Café’s Home Page and look over the Specials.
  • Go to Entrepreneurs, review the options and choose Get Social.
  • View video on the page and show the hyperlinks to the resources.
  • Distribute the Student Activity, review directions and complete.
  • Poll students to see how many want to be more entrepreneurial.

Want More?

For additional entrepreneurship resources have your students complete the “Think Like an Entrepreneur” activities in the Free Resource section at