Pathways identifies career opportunities in California's 15 major industry sectors.

Get a Pathway

Did you know?

90% of the fastest growing jobs will require some form of postsecondary education. To assure that CCC students find and keep good jobs, they must get the education and training they need to succeed. Pathways helps students identify and match their abilities and interests with careers that meet market demands. Get a Pathway at CACareerCafe.Com will give them a resource to research and compare careers that interest them. In addition, Get a Pathway will link students to the best educational and training opportunities in their communities. Get your students on the path to success with a visit to the café.

Brief them…

  • View video and pose some questions.
  • Review the Career Café’s Home Page.
  • Show Get a Pathway and choose an industry of interest to students.
  • Distribute the Pathway Guide.
  • Display  the online Pathway Page you chose.
    Have students fill in their guides as you show the diffferent resources.
  • Provide students the Cafe Folder page to see Pathway options.

Want More?

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