An investment in knowledge always pays the highest return.
- Ben Franklin

Get Advice

Did you know?

Staying in college is challenging for many of our students. At the CACareerCafe students will find suggestions and resources to help them overcome the obstacles that get in their way of completing their education. Whether they need more support, more money or more time, the information in Get Advice is sure to help.  Money problems, not bad grades, are the reason cited by most college students who have considered dropping out. This Café lesson will show students some  financial resources to help them make smart money decisions.

Brief them…

  • Pose some questions about challenges students face to stay in school.
  • Explore the Café’s Home Page and the options it offers.
  • Go to Get Advice and then the Be Money Wise lesson.
  • View video on the page and show the hyperlinks to the resources.
  • Distribute the Student Activity, review directions and complete.
  • Introduce students to Financial Aid resources on your campus.

Want More?

At CaCareerBriefs.Com you will find additional Student Success strategies sure to keep your students coming back.