Within 7-12 seconds of hearing us speak, people form lasting impressions.
- Susan Berkley, Voice Coach

Get Hired

Did you know?

While a strengthening economy is boosting  job growth, plenty of headwinds remain. Consequently, students need to make an extra effort to stand out in the hiring process. At CACareerCafe.Com students will find a variety of lessons to give them an added advantage. From visiting the campus career center to analyzing the corporate culture, this online lesson series provides tips and suggestions to move students ahead of the crowd. Show your students how they can use their voice to land a job with, Interview with a Ring. It’s sure to set the tone for success.

Brief them…

  • Pose some questions about the hiring process.
  • Explore the Café’s Home Page and the options it offers to help.
  • Go to Get Hired, review the lesson list and choose Interview with a Ring.
  • View video and the hyperlinks to additional information.
  • Distribute the Student Activity, review directions and complete.
  • Review the Cafe Folder page and have students circle lessons to try.

Want More?

To complement and support this lesson, try “Tech Talk Basics” in the Workplace Skills Library at CACareerBriefs.Com.