The way of the world is meeting people through other people.
- Robert Kerrigan

Join a Professional Association

Did you know?

When thinking about making business connections in our electronic world, LinkedIn may be the first avenue that comes to mind. But, it’s important to remember that online connections are generally not as powerful as personal connections. Joining a Professional Association offers a wealth of experiential and networking opportunities and gives students information about prospective career paths. Students could possibly get access to discounted memberships and scholarships, too. Professional organizations exist for almost every profession, literally from artists to zoo keepers. These non-profit organizations host meetings, conventions, workshops and podcasts. Introduce your students to Professional Associations via the California Career Café’s Professional Association database indexed by specific pathways.


Try this…

  • Ask your students about Professional Associations…

What is a Professional Association?
Can you name some Professional Associations?
Why join a Professional Association?

  • Share your own Professional Association experiences.
  • View video.
  • Access the California Career Cafe’s Professional Association database and identify associations related to your discipline.
  • Distribute the Student Activity (now in fillable, pdf form), review the directions, and complete.
  • Discuss the possibilities and power of networking cards.

Add an Experience!

Have students try the Cafe’s Associations Lessons and the Department of Labor’s Professional Association Finder. Encourage them to make a personal connection via phone, online or in person using a printed or electronic version of their networking card as part of their introduction.