When a student drops out of college, everyone loses—the student, the college, and the greater society.

Forecast Success

Did You Know?

It is critical to bolster students’ attendance and ultimately their graduation rates- because students can’t succeed if they don’t come back. And to compete in today’s global economy and qualify for high-demand jobs, students need a post-secondary education. While students arrive on our campuses motivated to learn ─ within a few weeks many are showing up late and missing assignments because they are unprepared for the college classroom. This activity will help you create a greater awareness of what it takes to succeed in your class and help students identify and emulate the behaviors of the most successful students.

Here’s how…

  • Ask some questions:
    What do you think it takes to succeed in college?
    How does the college classroom differ from high school?
    What advice would you give an incoming freshman?
  • View video.
  • Discuss the four rules of college success mentioned in the video.
  • Distribute Student Activity, review directions and complete.
    (Adapted from Semester Performance Inventory by Saundra McGuire)
  • Share one thing each person plans to do to forecast his/her success.

Above and Beyond!

Have students visit the CaCareerCafe.com and check out the #1 Success Tip – Know Your Style activity. Ask them to be ready to share their learning style information and their best learning tip at the next class meeting.